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First Care Integrated Health Services Inc is a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to the noble endeavor of upgrading the quality of Home Health Care.

We have a staff of qualified professional who will work jointly with you, your family and your physician to develop the most workable and personalized Plan of Care, to best manage your unique Home Care needs.

Our team is a family of concerned professionals who subscribe to the belief that every patient has a unique need and situation, therefore should be treated so with respect and dignity.

Mission Statement
To provide the best alternative care for adult patients outside a hospital setting, and to foster the patient's active participation in achieving their treatment goals.

Our Commitment
Uncompromising Personalized Quality Care - this is the guiding principle by which our Care Team lives by, to administer and realize our Mission Statement.

We are continually developing our team through periodic training and Mentorship Programs. This enables our staff to update their skills to the new and viable techniques in Patient Care, so that you or your loved ones will get nothing less than the best quality of CARE.

In 2008 the Community Health Accreditation Program, Inc. has recognized this agency in achieving the standard of excellence required for accreditation to this prestigious organization.

First Care Integrated Health Services Inc operates under the strict policy of non-discrimination towards any client because of age, race, religion, color, sex, national origin or handicap.

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